Para-Celsus Concept offers expertise on substances in relation to
   - product, environmental and occupational safety,
   - flavours for foods and fragrances for use in cosmetics and household products
   - the current EU-regulations for dangerous substances and their preparations
   - the preparation for the proposed REACH Regulations by the EU.

The safe use of substances and preparations in industrial and consumer   products   is a necessity and a widely adopted principle for all stages of   production and the supply chain. “Responsible Care”, consumer expectations   and control over the ultimate fate of substances have become integral parts of   today’s business practices and government regulations. The future EU’s REACH   Regulations will   stimulate a restructuring and harmonisation of these practices.

The safe-use objective is met by assessing the properties of substances for the   intended use and related exposure of consumers, workers and the environment   following science-based standards. The results of these assessments support the   safe use and regulatory compliance of products and the risk management controls   of operations.

A central element in these assessments is the dose-response relationship for the   determination of safe levels of use for substances. This concept was first   postulated around 1500 by the Swiss physician Paracelsus.